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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Painful Breakup

If we talk about moving on, I can smile.

Two years ago. She was crying. Not because she was hurt. But because she was happy for me. She was setting me free that time. And I didn't want to. And she didn't want either. Then why was she happy for me?

Four years ago. She was laughing. Not because she was happy. But because she was hurt by a guy. The guy set her free. And she didn't want to. And he didn't want either. So she was really crying.

Three years ago. We were happy. We were laughing together. Sometimes we were crying together. But we were happy.

Two years ago. I was happy. I thought I found the girl. Just as what I thought.

Two years ago. She was crying. But she was smiling. She was saying goodbye. She said she was happy for me. Because I found the girl.

Three years ago. We were happy. We were laughing and crying. But we were not together.

A few years ago. I thought I wouldn't be able to move on. We were not together. But we had to set each other free. It was a painful breakup. Because we were not together.

Just this year. We are happy. We have our separate lives. But we are happy for each other. That's why if we talk about moving on, I can smile.


Anonymous said...

I had to read it twice because I didn't get it at first. It was a nice piece. You gave another new style of narrating.

Anonymous said...

having the right love at the wrong time lang a! me too i had to read it twice. or thrice! nakakabobo ng konte.

Anonymous said...

painful breakup nga. pero baka fling lang kasi. sometimes kailangan nating maging matapang para ipaglabn ang nararamdamn natin. it wasnt even a breakup pero it felt like a breakup ... =(

Anonymous said...

I agree. Sometimes kung sino pa yung akala nating di natin kailangan sila pa yung mawawala para malaman nating kailangan natin sila :(