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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Not So Love Story

Once, she sent me a friend request..

I smiled sweetly. She was actually my special crush back in high school..

I tried to poke her..

But she didn't poke me back..

I always liked her status and photos everytime i open my account..

But she didn't recognize it. She didn't even like my status whenever i post something..

Just this September, i greeted her on her birthday by posting on her wall..

And she didn't even thank me just like those grats that i receive from those people that i greet even we don't know each other personally..

Then one day, i had the gut to message her. And do you know what it contained?

'ang ganda mo pa din. at medyo crush pa din kita...'

Surprisingly, she finally responded:

'ganun?!? hahaha...'

Boy, i felt stupid and hopelessly fetted..

She hadn't better sent me that friend request. But more than that, i should have not taken that so deeply..

After a deep sigh, i unfriended her..

Just for me to realize when i viewed her profile one time that she is a private user and she can't be sent a friend request that easy..

But i just didn't mind it..

I don't know what's her reason of sending me a friend request despite that she has this private account and chosen friends on her account..

I don't want to expect something anymore..

But just yesterday, i was very surprised when i logged in, she sent me again a friend request..

I was unconscious for a while..

But after a few seconds, i clicked the IGNORE button..

After all, she will never be mine...



Anonymous said...


Aris Gail Mendoza said...

Nice story... liked it... is this true?

trixsha said...

i love it. can u pls post more stories? di na kasi ata updated itong blog mo.

Anonymous said...

Love. Love. Love. Baka may feeling din siya for you :) -mims

Anonymous said...

not the way i thought it would be. still a good story.

Anonymous said...

bitin. may pinagdadaanan ata. pare-pareho mga post.

Anonymous said...

hindi naman talaga siya love story e.sana meron talagang love story.

Anonymous said...

ikaw na ang gwapong suplado, hahahahha!!!

you already!

Anonymous said...

YOU ALREADY hahaha!!! Cute.